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VISION.ARC is the innovative, welding arc performed by the Digitech's in MIG-MAG. VISION.ARC is the result of CEA 60 years experience in welding technology concentrated in a digital control of the arc dynamic which grants something completely different from the traditional way the welders are used to: the welding arc is totally under control: it’s like a vision, definitely a new welding vision.VISION.ARC is constantly monitored by a latest generation powerful microprocessor controlling in real time the welding process. All parameters are quickly elaborated and adjusted, in a very few microseconds, by the control which digitally handles the short-circuits, typically occurring in MIG/MAG welding, by constantly keeping VISION.ARC extremely precise and stable, while also compensating for any changes in welding conditions caused by the torch movement and work-piece irregularity. VISION.ARC, very “sensitive" and easy to be used by a welder, grants premium performances with an exceptionally high quality bead impossible to be obtained by traditional power sources, thus resulting into much faster welding speed, higher welding wire deposition rate and remarkable reduction not only in wire waste and spatters, but also in workpiece thermal dilatations. teszt